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Stelawink asked How much money does it cost to make ONE solar panel?

Can you please tell me how much a solar panel costs? Please back up your info with a website.

And got the following answer:

Just in case you didn't know, solar panels come in all sizes from big enough to run a calculator and costing a few pennies, to ones large enough to power a house and costing tens of thousands of dollars. A very general rule of thumb: Small, single-PV-panel systems that produce about 75 watts can cost about $900 installed, or $12 per watt. A 2-kilowatt (1 kilowatt=1,000 watts) system that meets most energy needs of an extremely energy-efficient home can cost $16,000-$20,000 installed, or $8-$10 per watt. A 5-kilowatt system that completely meets the energy needs of many conventional homes can cost $30,000-$40,000 installed, or $6-$8 per watt. first reference: The $1 per watt price point has been a goal of the solar industry for a long time: First Solar announced that "it reduced its manufacturing cost for solar modules in the fourth quarter to 98 cents per watt". It's a bit unfortunate that it is happening to First Solar at a time when the economy is in bad shape and fewer people and corporations can afford solar panels, but it is nonetheless a great achievement. .

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