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Clayc asked Solar and wind setup question? Grid tie invertor vs AC/DC Converter?

Basically its really hard to find a diy project on solar or wind that goes from start to finish. All I am basically looking for is what to buy. I hear grid tie inverter is the one you can plug into an outlet. Basically I am looking for a setup that will allow me to run solar panels and wind turbine into our power grid via a wall outlet. I saw this on ebay and am trying to figure what the difference between the grid tie inverter and the ac/dc converter? Can i just get an ac to dc and plug it into the wall? Would that work and help to lower electricity bill? Any help appreciated Technically I just read that if its UL/CE Certified you are covered under insurance if the house burns down and that if its island ready or what not during a power outage it won't hurt the guys trying to fix the power. The last answer was good but now solid.

And got the following answer:

Last I checked, it was generally illegal to plug in this sort of thing in the US. The inverter has no safety certification, so would violate code. Also, most places in the US require permission from the local power company to connect a generator, however small, and would want the device to be permanently connected, not plugged into the wall. Doing so could void your homeowner's insurance if any, just as having an open barbecue pit in your living room would make it your fault if your house burned down. All that said, it might work. I would personally be concerned about the hazard, so wouldn't do it myself. My opinion is also that it wouldn't ultimately save money, but you'll have to run the numbers yourself on how much it costs and the value of the electricity generated.

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