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just4kickz asked Controller to adjust hot water system - Bosch 26E?

Hi, I am installing a instantaneous hot water system at home. Looking at the Bosch 26E. Is it worth getting a controller installed for the unit? The plumber says that the water temperature can be preset at 50 degrees C. and therefore the controller is just rubbish. He says its like driving an automatic car manually since the water temperature will be preset, so why use a controller over it! What are your thoughts? Thanks.

And got the following answer:

I'm in the same situation. If u get the controller you will be able to vary the temp from 50 degrees down to 37 degrees. Don't forget that the controller is about an extra $107 and that you will need an electrician to wire it up from inside the house right back to the hot water unit outside - at extra cost. If u don't have the controller, Bosch (tel. 1300 307 037) are telling me that the unit will be pre-set at 55 degrees and will not be adjustable - it won't be at the 50 degrees u mention above. I would prefer 50 rather than 55 myself. I'll probably forget about the controller I think.

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