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judson asked How does the cooking temp of an older crockpot compare to the new crockpot-sized roasters?

I need to replace my old crockpot, and the new ones have only two or three settings (low and high). My old one lets me set many varying temps between low and high. I'm looking at the new crockpot-sized 6 quart electric roasters. They have a temp control similar to my oven, showing degrees of temp. What temp would compare to the old style crockpot when set to low or high?

And got the following answer:

Alas progress! I had the same problem in buying my new one. In the end I kept searching second hand stores and fates until I found a new inner. However, the newer models with three settings at 30, 60 and 100 degrees Celcius or 86F, 120F, 212F Two settings are 50 and 100 122F and 212F. A good tip is to heat your crock pot with water in and place a thermometer in to get a true reading. Do low, medium and high in that order. Remember these are factory set, and will vary from model to model. Hope it all goes well for you

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