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Izayaa™ asked How to keep a room temperature controlled?

My parents just purchased a grand piano. We plan on putting it in my room because: 1) They don't want to listen to me play piano all day, and I have no chance to play when my dad gets home at night because he likes to watch tv. 2) The majority of our house is open. The kitchen and living room are together, and so is the little side part where my piano would be if it wouldn't go in my room. The ceiling is high and it's hard to keep the whole area temperature controlled. I was wondering if it was a bad idea to put it in my room, because I wouldn't want my parents to go through a lot of trouble to put it in my room. They plan on cutting my wall to install french doors. But I'm also wondering how to keep my own room temperature controlled. We don't have central air conditioning. So I would have to buy an air conditioner/heater for my room. You know the ones that turn off when it gets too cold and too hot? If those exist. Any you would recommend? And where I live, winter is pretty messed up. Somedays it may be cold, other days it may be just cool. How do I keep my room temperature controlled year round so that I don't mess up my piano?

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Humidity is the biggest factor, though temperature should be kept reasonable. There's a lot to piano care as it is a finely tuned percussion instrument and much can go wrong in the mechanics as well as the structure. Check out these sites and find more on your own: You might want to try a music or piano forum since this really isn't an engineering question. (I just happen to play piano/synth)

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