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Alex Mercer asked Will my PC support Garrys Mod Off of Steam?

My good PC got soaked so im using my back up PC and i wanted to play Garry's Mod but didnt want to buy it if i cant play it on this PC. Does it meet the minimum requirements? The PC info is.. Model: Dell DEO51 Processor: Intel Celeron CPU 2.53GHz Memory: 512 MB of RAM: 74.4 GB on HDD DirectX Version: 9.0c Graphics Card: Intel 82865 graphics controler with 96.0 MB of memory Would this PC play Garrys Mod until i get another decent PC?? If so, would gameplay be decent or suck? Thanks

And got the following answer:

Although it's weak your PC would play it if you had a graphics card in it, but not with those integrated graphics. It might also struggle with that feeble processor and the lack of memory wouldn't help either. The only reason that it would have any chance at all with this 3D game is because it's based on Half Life 2, which is an old game. However, even with a decent graphics card this computer is always going to struggle to run any 3D game that came out less than ten years ago. It would have been considered to be a cheap crappy computer even when it was brand new, it wasn't much use for gaming even back then. EDIT: If your computer which got soaked never got plugged in then strip it down and put all the parts in your clothes airing cupboard for a few days, and maybe give then a good go with a hairdryer too. You never know, if you get it all properly dry then it might start working again. Be careful with the power supply though first time you try it - put it on a long extension lead on something that isn't flammable, then you can switch it on without risking it exploding in your face or setting fire to the carpet. If it doesn't explode then unplug it. Next, connect the purple, grey and green wires together with two pieces of spare wire pushed into its power plug. Now stand back and power it up again, this time it will attempt to power up the whole PSU as if the machine were running. If it still hasn't exploded then measure the power coming out of it, with your black meter lead connected to one of the black wires (ground). You should find the following voltages on the following colours of wire (colours that are the same are joined together inside the PSU, you don't need to measure them all) Orange: +3.3V Red: +5V Yellow: +12V Blue: -12V White: -5V If they're all there then the PSU is working and is safe to connect to the motherboard. The rest of the computer runs on low voltages and all the components are waterproof. So long as the board is completely dry, including underneath the chips and in any sockets, and so long as it wasn't powered up when wet then there's a good chance that it'll work. Even if it was on power when it got wet there's still a reasonable chance of it working because it only uses low voltages which are less likely to cause damage in the wrong place. If the PSU was soaked when on power then it's unlikely to work again, this is because it uses high voltages. The same applies to all the other parts such as your graphics card - just make sure that there's nowhere where water could be trapped, it can be hard to get rid of. Leaving the parts in a hot airing cupboard when you've finished with the hairdryer for a couple of weeks should ensure that everything is dry. Alternatively, if you're in a hurry then you would probably get away with putting all the parts in an oven set to 105C - 110C for an hour without destroying anything. Any hotter and you might damage things, also take account of the fact that non-fan ovens are at different temperatures depending on where you put things. For example the top shelf will be hotter and it will be much hotter near the heater element. Before drying it remove the processor because the processor socket is likely to hold more water than anywhere else other than inside the PSU. Anyway, if the PSU is broken then it doesn't cost a fortune to replace it. So long as you don't plug the graphics card in, and so long as that old Dell isn't so old (20th century) as to have an AT power supply rather than a modern ATX supply, then you can use its PSU to test your motherboard with if you need to. Plugging a modern graphics card into the motherboard would probably overload the Dell's PSU. If that was my computer I'd be trying this even if it went bang, then I'd be working out which part broke because much of the machine may still be in working order, and PCs are like Lego so you can just change the faulty part. There's no way that I'd be throwing it away without attempting to repair it first. However, if water got inside the hard drive then you will need to replace that. An SSD would probably survive though.

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