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Deepti asked About temperature controller?

What could be the cause of increase of temperature indefinitely in PID temperature controller above set point? I set the temperature on 100 deg. celsius but it goes on increasing even after 150 deg. celsius. Please help..

And got the following answer:

You seem to have forgotten the Interval, and Differential portions of the controller. You need something for the controller to check against for the arrival at the set point. If the controller is automatic in that it does these functions for itself without anyone setting any values, then I would check the temperature detecting device. Does it work, first of all. Does it have the range and compatibility needed for the controller? If the detector is not a type that the controller will recognize, or the controller was set to recognize, then the controller might not even know that this temperature detector is even there. If the controller is NOT detecting a temperature input, then it will continue to raise the temperature in an effort to find the set point. You need to make sure that the detector is working, is of the proper type, is properly connected, and that the controller knows that it is there. You also need to be sure that the interface between the controller and the heating device is working properly. That is, once the temperature set point is reached, and that that part of the circuit is operating as it should, is the controller telling the heater to turn off. You have a complete system that all SHOULD work together to do what it is that you want it to do. Everything is interdependent. Make sure that all of it works together, properly.

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