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smalltowngirl asked What are some good treatment options for asthma?

I'm 90% sure I have asthma, though I haven't been to the doctor to confirm it yet (I have an appointment for later this week). I hate taking medicine of any kind, for any reason. I don't take pills when I have a headache, and I don't usually take antibiotics when I'm sick either, I like to let things work themselves out. (I'm not asking for a lecture on that subject, so don't even bother.) I'm sure I could discuss this with my doctor, but I'm thinking she'll probably push some sort of generic medication, as doctors typically do, so that's why I'm asking here. Other than pills, what are some good treatment options for asthma? Oh, I forgot to mention that a friend of mine suggested that placing eucalyptus in my room might help a bit. Does anyone know if that's true or not?

And got the following answer:

Asthma won't just 'work itself out'. I've had times where I was not being medicated well enough for my asthma and I'm certain that I was having a severe asthma attack for about a week. I honestly thought that I was going to drop over on the steps one day. Asthma kills hundreds of people every year, so it's in all asthma sufferer's best interest to stay on top of it. If you are able to wait for a doctor appointment, then there is a possibility that your asthma isn't so bad. The 'generic medication' for asthma is the ubiquitous Albuterol inhaler. For someone with mild intermittent asthma, that might be all they need. Carrying an inhaler to rescue yourself and giving yourself a treatment maybe 4 or 5 times a month is minor, considering the scope of terrible, irreversible, and potentially fatal things that asthma can do. It you need long-acting controller medication, as would be prescribed for more frequent symptoms, it really is a good idea to take it. The best non-medicinal solution for asthma is to learn what your triggers are and avoid them. For me, diesel exhaust, ozone, smog, extreme amounts of dust, stress, and higher temperatures/humidity make my asthma troublesome. Some can be avoided, some are inevitable, and others can be avoided but accidental exposure happens. There are all sorts of asthma triggers. Finding what yours are is the best way to avoid asthma attacks. There is a standardized asthma treatment algorhythm called GINA. It helps medical professionals determine the severity of asthma and recommends specific treatments. Your doctor will be drawing from it, not pushing any certain medication upon you. The health community has made great advances in asthma control in the last two decades. According to a Pulmonologist I worked with, asthma as the main cause for hospital admission is now rare, where it was fairly common before Advair came out. When people with asthma accept their disease state, follow their doctor's orders, and take care of themselves, they should be able to live long and productive lives with asthma. If you decide that standard asthma treatments are not for you, you may miss school/work because of your symptoms, be unable to sleep due to having an uncontrollable cough at night, have reduced tolerance to physical activity, cough sputum out of your lungs when they are agitated, and you may also have 'the big one' that kills you. There is also the possibility that not taking medication when an asthma attack starts can lead to hospitalization. Do you think the people in the ER care about you not wanting pills, if you show-up blue, clamped-down, and barely breathing? The possible severe health problems are incredibly more devastating than you having to carry an inhaler, take a pill, or having to take medication twice a day.

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