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Sadie S asked What is the best tool kit to purchase?

I am looking to buy my boyfriend a tool kit for his birthday, I am looking to spend about $300, and am wondering the best way to choose one? As far as maybe a brand? A link would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

There are a lot of good tools used by professionals and available through specialized supply channels. They are usually more expensive, and worth it to the tradesmen. If you are looking for very good tools available to the layman, I like Craftsman hand tools, because they are high quality, fair priced (often on sale), easily replaceable, guaranteed for life, and readily available at Sears or K-Mart. They have kits that have a lot of items, and if the kit you select is not exactly what he wants, he can easily exchange it for a kit he likes.

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