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mixmaster asked What are the best and worst power tool brands available?

Maybe a like a top ten(Or More) from best to worst. Brands like Dewalt, Porter Cable, Skil, Craftsmen, Black and Decker, etc. I am looking for mainly hand held tools such as saws, drills, etc. Maybe even your additional thoughts on each one too.

And got the following answer:

We sell contractors and a lot of other tradesman tools. We like DeWalt for a few reasons. Their tools are not overdesigned. Their tools are basic yellow and black with no wild grooves and colors in them. The are engineered by the best in the industry. Sometimes slower to come out with new flashy models because the models they have out went through a lot of testing and modifications before their final production started - hence they don't change them much. DeWalt also has a primary responsiblility to cordless tool buyers to not change batteries/chargers every 6 months. Milwaukee has so many different batteries and chargers that we almost refuse to try to stock them. Milwaukee does have the #1 rated Portaband saw. Bosch has the top Rotary Hammers and demolition hammers, DeWalt has the best cordless lineup, mitre saws and their new Portaband is as good as milwaukee it just has not caught on as much. Black and Decker (who now owns DeWalt,Delta,Porter Cable) bought the DeWalt name and made it their heavy duty line. DeWalt also makes compact cordless tools mainly for the big box stores (except menards). DeWalt and Menards had a big falling out several years ago - so you won't see any DeWalt at Menards- unless they get it through a distributor. Craftsman has other people make their tools, Black and Decker used to make the craftsman electric impact, sawzall. Emerson Electric makes their other power tools. The problem with sears is they have no customer support for quick parts and repairs. Watch out for these no-name brands that the big box stores have, you cannot get parts for them. Remember the name Pro-Tech? CNC?Even popular names like Coleman, Panasonic,Hitachi,Ryobi - Parts are forever trying to get. We quit working on Ryobi tools because customers would get irate at us waiting on parts for 4-5 months. We like DeWalt,Milwaukee,Bosch,Porter Cable. That's my 2 cents worth.

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