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Da Sahar SToRaY asked What does True Sine Wave Inverter Mean?

Which switching technique they use to get true sine wave at the output?

And got the following answer:

The inverter converts DC (Direct Current) power into AC (Alternating Current). Depending how the current switched on/off to flow in alternating directions to produce AC the resulting waveform can be anything from a simple square wave to a sine wave. A very cheap inverter would generate a square wave because its very easy and cheap to simply switch the power on and off in one direction or the other at 60Hz. If you add more electronics and complexity this simple on/off switching can be changed to a series of stepped voltages. The result is a stepped sine wave, which starts to look less like a square wave and more like a sine wave. Add more steps and filters and you can smooth out the stepped variations and approach a true sine wave shape. Why the concern about the different types?: It is because the Square portion of the square wave is full of harmonic frequencies. These harmonics . These harmonics can cause high resonant current flows in a transformer that can cause over heating and noisy windings. Poor power factor conditions in the load and can cause EMC issues in electronic circuits power by the inverter. So a very cheap square wave inverter would work well to power an AC power tool like a drill as its insensitive to harmonics. But a TV or computer powered by square wave AC will have issues ranging from display interference, poor operation, to overheating and/or damage.

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