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Sam asked Why do power supplies have 2 outputs?

I can understand variable power supplies having 2 channels for different output voltages but why do some single-output power supplies have 2? I have a 24V power supply with -V -V +V +V. are they isolated? can I hook them up in series and get 48V?

And got the following answer:

Not clear exactly what you are asking. All power supplies require two outputs, one for +, one for –. But I don't think that is what you are asking. Perhaps you mean two sets of outputs? They probably are for kelvin connections, aka remote sensing, aka 4 terminal outputs. Two of the connections are for the power output and two are for sensing the voltage. The latter connections are used in the feedback loop in the supply to control and adjust the output voltage. Normally the power and sense (or force and sense) connections are jumpered together on the front panel. But if you want to run long wires to the load, the extra connections allow the voltage to be sensed at the actual load, so the resistance of the wire is not a factor in the regulation of the supply.

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