The best wagner cordless drill

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Sayde asked Which is better Craftsman or Black and Decker?

I am Buying my Husband Tools For Christmas,Were moving into our first home AND Its what he asked for. 🙂 But I was Curious Which was better. My common Sense says Craftsman, simply because They have lifetime warranty and the don't make toasters too. But I thought I'd run it by a few people as well...

And got the following answer:

Craftsman generally carries a better grade of general home grade tools than that offered by black and decker. Dewalt, Milwaukee, and others would be in top line consideration. This all depends on the particular tools and the job application. Kline carries a very good line of hand tools for electrical work. Milwaukee, carries a very good line of saws. Craftsman, carries good socket ends and wrenches, although Snap-on is the professional choice. Rigid has a very good replacement policy for cordless battery powered drills, and etc. Wagner makes good stepladders (fiberglas) Get a catalog from 7- corners hardware in St. Paul, Mn. Many brands of professional grade tools. Get the best and they last a lifetime.

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