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Mixom asked Is it legal to have white LED lights in place of my license plate lighting?

I am looking to replace the factory-installed lighting on my license plate lights with white LED lights. Is that legal in Pennsylvania? Could I get in trouble for it at all? Also, I am looking to install a blue dome light inside the car. Could that be a violation? I know that light is not generally on while the car is moving, but still.

And got the following answer:

On the white LED lights you're fine. In a lot of cars, LED brake lights have been commonly used for the past five or so years. Now I am beginning to see LED white lights for the license plate area. There are some companies out there that are making replacement LED bulbs that fit the same bayonet type application of your OE style incandescent lights. So long as the luminosity of the bulb is matched, there shouldn't be a problem. As far as the blue dome light is concerned this may require some clarification. In the old days, a dome light was the name given to the light fixture that is attached to the headliner of a car. If that is the light you're referring to, then there is no problem on the color, type, etc. If by dome light you're referring to an emergency vehicle light (AKA Federal siren / light) then that will fall under guidelines by your state. Some colors are allowed for use by civilians (contractors. first responders, etc.) while others are in violation. In the case of vintage emergency vehicles, these lights are allowed for authenticity, but they cannot be used unless the car is in private property, or at an event under the allowance of the local law enforcement authority.

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