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Daniel S asked Can I move top shelf wines that have been sitting at room temperature to a wine refrigerator?

I have a number of quality wines that I have been keeping at a controlled room temperature for 6-10 years. I have just now purchased a wine refrigerator. Is there any problem with moving these older wines from the room temperature to the cooler climate (of course without any drastic temperature change)? Or would I be better off keeping them at the same room temperature if I plan on drinking them within 2 years?

And got the following answer:

~*~Yes you can store then in your new wine refrigerator but A wine cellar or closet would be better for it, though, simply because of the long amount of time many people spend with the refrigerator door wide open, letting in large amounts of light, and, if you leave the door open long enough, heat. As long as you are not going to open if very often or for very long you will be fine.

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