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I am planning to set up a 5700kw off-grid pv solar system with battery back up and i plan to use the Xantrex XW 6048 Hybrid iniverter. Now my question is how many of these invertors would i need for this size sytem, and is this the recommended invertor for the set up i plan to use

And got the following answer:

Be careful of your calculation. 5,700 kw = 5.7 mw. And that is a utility-sized system. I think you mean 5.7 kw. A 5,000 watt grid-tie inverter will be enough, for three reasons: a) The only time panels will produce 5,700 watts will be at peak sun - perhaps as much 4 hours per day in mid-summer. Average output will be ~75% of peak or less. b) There are inverter losses - in the 3 - 10% range. c) The inverter capacity is actual output rating, not input rating. Typically you will want the panels to be able to make at least 10% more than the inverter capacity at peak. The Xantrex, being grid-tie rated, is not a bad unit as these things go. And it will give you a clean sine-wave, critical to your electronics.

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