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Danny asked How do I ground my solar panel setup?

I got an outdoor solar panel setup about a week ago (everything is outdoor- battery, controller, inverter, appliances, etc. but is is protected from elements) and I am yet to ground it. Fall storms are coming soon and I want to begin grounding my stuff before then. I have some 10gauge wire( I think 10 feet, but sufficient enough to get to the earth pole) I just don't know exactly what I do to ground it. Do I connect a positive/negative wire to the pole then to my battery? Do I ground the panel only, the inverter only, or what? A video would be helpful, but not a video about grounding those huge 10kw systems; I only have one 100 watt panel mounted to the roof of a play fort aiming 200 degrees SW (no morning sun) connected to a cheap 10A inverter, one (soon to be two) battery, then a DC to AC inverter.

And got the following answer:

Light Knight is correct. The ground wire (the green 3rd wire of a 3 prong plug) is connected to the non-electrical metal frame or outer case of the device.

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