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Jane asked What would I need to power a 2000 watt inverter consistantly?

Maxing out the 2000 watts and using an alternator with a battery or battery bank The inverter is a 2000 watt continuous 4000 surge peek. And does the amount of amps the alternator has charge the battery faster?

And got the following answer:

The inverter is capable of supplying 2000 watts, but the items plugged into it only draw what they need. If he inverter is going to output 2000 watts it will have a 2000 watt appetite. It inputs 12 volts, so it will require at least 167 amperes from the battery feeding it. The amps per hour capacity of the battery determine how long the inverter can run. Battery power is finite and is running down all the time it's being used. The amount of amps the alternator can output determine if the battery can be charged under such a heavy load. I don't know what you have that needs 2 kilowatts, but you might consider a portable gasoline or propane powered generator instead of a car battery.

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