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mccabekm asked What is the best and worst ways to care for lithium ion batteries?

Hi - just got a new Lithium Ion 18v drill. I remember that the only complaints against it were people killing the batteries by accident. But I've read the instructions cover to cover, and there isn't any real pointers on how to care for the batteries. Do you have any tips or opinions? I'd like to know what to do and what to avoid. Thanks.

And got the following answer:

Keep them well charged, but without substantial heating. NEVER run them flat. The problem there is, being a battery comprised of series cells, some may exhaust before others. If you continue trying to use them, the flat cell(s) will have a reverse voltage applied to them. They don't like it. Li-ion cells don't suffer from the "memory" problems that Ni-cad cells did, so to recharging them after only short useage doesn't worry them. The charger supplied by the drill manufacturer will have instructions, follow them. The supplied charger may self- adjust to suit the battery, anyway. Oh, and remember that charging it now won't mean it will be ready to go in 2 months' time. These cells don't hold charge for long periods.

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