The cheapest bosch 18v cordless drill

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rjgiants75 asked What is the best 18V lithium-ion cordless drill out now?

I originally purchased a Dewalt drill with Nicad batteries. However,after fooling around with the lighter lithium based cordless drill/drivers I've decided to go that route. I'll be using this drill from everything from hanging blinds to decking. I'm not a contractor but more of a DIY weekend warrior. The one thing that I was concerned about was being able to drill into concrete. Seems like the drill/drivers that have the hammerdrill feature are on the heavy side and I was looking for something lighter. Am I better off just getting a seperate corded hammerdrill or Hilti drill for the very few times that I may need to drill into concrete? So far I've had my eye on Makita's,Hitatchi,Ridgid to name a few. Can anyone offer some opinions? Is anyone familiar with Ridgid? They came out with a new 18V lithium with a larger battery than the new compact Makita(black & white). Ridgid offers a lifetime warranty(even on the batteries). I'd like to hear from anyone who has used their tools. The 18V is around 4.5lbs.

And got the following answer:

Dewalt is made by black and decker...made in china....if you can afford it go the jap route with the's quality you can hold....try the impact driver ....they are small but pack a huge for concrete drilling...our shop has used and abused Bosch and Hilti...ether one is worth the 150-200$...yes go corded on this...

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