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RainMan90 asked Is there a brand that makes high quality tools that's made here in the USA?

I'm looking for a brand that makes quality and reliable products here in the US, like ratchets sockets screw drivers drills impact drivers and all that good stuff, Craftsman isn't as good as they used to be, now they manufacture their stuff in China, no offense against China, but we all know America pays China less to make huge profits from lower quality products, obviously your not going to get much from someone being paid $3 a day forced to work on an assembly line all day.

And got the following answer:

Most Craftsman hand tool are still made here, however power tools are not, look for older Milwaukee, and snapon, you might have to look into European power tool to avoid the china problem :/ atleast Europe is still making tools and those boys do make some good ones, upsets me that we no longer do that.

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