The cheapest dewalt 18 volt cordless drill

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mbrcatz asked Is there an easy way to fix my cordless drill?

I have a black & decker power drill/screwdriver, and the little red button (you know, the one that lets you pick which direction it turns) is stuck in one position. Great for unscrewing or drilling. Useless for screwing. Is there some "man secret" to fixing this, besides using a hammer? Or is this just a loss??

And got the following answer:

Well you would have to take the drill apart carefully noting where everything is. there should be small screwa along one side of the drill. then locate where that switch you were talking about is and try to see if you can find where it is caught. with a black and decker drill i would personally bang it on the ground a couple times to see if that unjams it, before you go taking it apart. if you cant fix it, bosch makes a really nice little cordless drill/driver, with a 30 min charge and 10 Volt lithium ion battery for a pretty good price. Bosch is also a better built brand name. at least in my opinion. i have one just for around the house on small projects or for my wife to use. course my "MAN SECRET" is to buy a really nice Dewalt or Makita 18 V drill. i have owened mine for about 4 years and i use them in construction. they have been dropped of roofs and been banged pretty bad but still work just like they were new.

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