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asked What are some good football drills to do before you start the season?

Next year I'm going to play football for my first year. I'm in eighth grade and my parents made me wait for high school to play football. I am decently good, and I need some drills to do to get me all ready for next year. I have a whole year before it starts. I have access to a gym. What drills, weightlifting tips, or conditioning workouts should I do. I am determined to work extremely hard before the season. Thanks guys, any answers are much appreciated.

And got the following answer:

it depends on your position you want to play. Lineman you need strong legs. so if you can get ankle weights that would be great. and then run up any hills you can find(run up walk down is what i do) and then you wanna do squats, and lift weights, start light in both until your comfortable with your technique then add weight in increments of 10. If your doing a running back or linebacker position, you wanna do squats a lot of footwork drills, you can look those up. if your gonna be a quarterback you wanna throw a football around with a buddy as much as possible. and if your a running back position you wanna work on sprints. do 40 yard dashes. then rest 5-10 seconds and then repeat. if its not one of those positions you can e-mail me.

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