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Coty asked What kind of welder do I need?

I need to weld sheet metal on a 68 chevelle and was wondering if a 170 amp mig/flux wire welder would do a good and if not what kind do I need

And got the following answer:

That will work just fine. I use a little lincoln 140 for body work. As stated run it MIG. I run .023 wire when doing it but have ran .030 and had no issues. What you need to do is learn how to properly weld body panels. When doing body work you do not run stringer beads. What you do is make a series of tack welds in opposite areas. What this does is allow the metal to cool to prevent burn through and warping. You may still get a little distortion which is easily fixed with a hammer and dolly. They also sell heat sink clay to keep the warping down Be careful when you grind your welds. The heat from the grinder may cause distortion. What I do is use an angle grind to knock the weld down some and then finish it with a 90 degree sander. Most find it easier to weld in replacement panels by doing a lap weld. A flange is place on your repair piece. This lessens that change for burn through. Other times you may find it easier to drill holes in your replacement piece and do plug (spot) welds. Clecos can help with the installation These can also be used when doing a lap weld and for butt welds you got these guys Some other usefull stuff

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