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Lanny asked what u think of using this DuracellPowerPack t power myDevises N philippines as alternative to a powercoverter?

i was thinking to buy a power converter step up step down but the covert dos not convert the hz for 50 to 60hz so then i thought why not use this powerpack it also come with a solar Panel to recharged the unit if i use a Power converter the 50hz will not convert to 60hz it will making the device i use to become louder and work a little slower like let say a shaver or body massager like the Hitachi Magic Wand for my lower back after laundry so that do u think of this power pack this is the link to read about the one i like to use in Philippines thank for your input i will be using 120v 110v i will not use 220 this will be for american things to use over there and i know it dos not have a 220 input put its ok for i only need 110 120 input just to use only for my usa things and to recharge it may take for ever but i will not use it every day maybe 3 or 4 time a week for maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour and to the hz a youtube video the guy was saying that things will run better on american standard 60hz on this description of this video also in his video he used some clipper and use it at 110 50hz it worked but the clipper was so loud but when he use it on 110 60hz the clipper was quite clippers he was showing was the one u use for cutting hair that every Barber use. so yes u can use 110v or 120v at 50hz on a lot of usa things but will run better on american standard 60hz so i thought by using the power pack it could run my thing better for it will run it at the right hz and not need to worrier about out lets and it can use any where in the house. thank u very much for ur input guys and girls

And got the following answer:

There are a lot of step down transformers available in PI, just get the right one for your needs. This unit does not even take 220v as an input. You'll be charging it by 12v or Solar only, which will take forever. 50hz to 60hz, is not a big difference, unless you are running big appliances. You will be fine with 110v 50hz.

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