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clockworkorange40 asked recommendations for a generator, for camping.?

Im thinkin maybe the HOnda generators are the best. any suggestions on generators, i have never owned one. i wanna run a small refrig, and battery charger, and lap top. well i can figure out the amps and volts and all, just wondering if the honda ones are the best? haha yea well i do the backpacking thing. love it, but this upcoming weeklong camp is a ham radio club get together. and a generator is almost a must. as for the noise. and why i think the honda may be best. is i think it is very quiet. ne way looks like Bella , is the only one that could focus on the actual question. so looks like she will b gettin best answer award. ill have to post my ? in a different way . and avoid some rantine lol.

And got the following answer:

We used our newest one last week for Earth Day fests camping. We purchased an inverter generator this time and ahhhh, soooo much quieter !~ Nothing is worse than that kind of noise when trying to work or even think, but this one by Honeywell takes the ribbon ! If you go to you can save up to a couple hundred smackers ! Here is the one we just bought and love: Model HW1000i BEST OF LUCK ! 😉

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