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ckurian10 asked My AC Heater automatically goes up to 99 degrees?

I put my thermostat on "Auto," put it on "Heater" and set the degrees to 74 degrees. I got back home and it felt like I walked into Sub-Saharan Africa. I looked at my thermostat and it read 99 degrees. I called the maintenance people (I live in an apartment) and they said my thermostat was messed up so they put in a new thermostat, but it did the SAME EXACT THING today with the new thermostat? Does anyone know what the problem is? Also when I try to cool the apartment, it doesn't cool either.. Someone please help me soon, I might die of a heat stroke. I'm pretty positive it's a heat pump. And yes it's programmable - by programmable you mean digital right? It's a Honeywell Theromostat Pro 2000

And got the following answer:

What is the thermostat's make and model? Is it programmable? You might have to program it, though a new one should have a default program which is much more reasonable than 99. It is possible it is miswired. Are the maintenance people thorough? Perhaps an hvac technician is needed. * * * addendum * * * Indeed, that is a programmable thermostat suitable for controlling a heat pump. The temperature you see on it without touching it is the current room temperature, probably limited to a reading of 99. When you push buttons, it should show the current set point temperature—the target temperature for the controlled room. If it is blasting heat when it knows no heat is called for, it means the wiring is screwed up. In addition to wires to control fan, heating, and cooling, there is a wire to the thermostat which controls the "back up heat", which also can be labeled "emergency heat", "auxiliary heat", or "cold weather heat". Almost certainly that wire is getting a signal even when the thermostat is not calling for it. Inspect the furnace end of the control wires for obvious problems, like frayed wire, metallic debris, etc. If you have no electrical experience, call an experienced handyman or hvac person. Otherwise, try disconnecting the backup heat control wire and use a DMM to see if there is a signal on it. See the installation directions for wiring information. Disconnected at the furnace end should immediately rectify the problem—unless the problem is inside the heat pump controller. In the first case, you then have leisure time to determine the cause of the signal problem. In the latter case, an hvac technician is called for to fix the problem, unless you want to poke inside for obvious problems.

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