The cheapest household led light bulbs

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mind0fpeace asked would energy be saved if lightbulbs were formulated to flicker on and off fast enough so the human eye could?

not detect it, yet the light stays on for less time. In other words, would it be more energy costing to keep a regular light bulb or to replace it with ones that flickers, to the specifications above?

And got the following answer:

Good question and an interesting notion. Not many Answer folks look that deeply into a problem. well, unfortunately the answer is no. Even though you could configure a power source to work on that frequency ( >20 hz is my guess) traditional filament technology doesnt respond to high frequency. Since the frequency of household electricity is already 60 hz and the bulb is unaware (doesnt respond) of it, dropping it to 20 or so wont change anything. Now on to technology that could. Right now the only lighting technology with a high enough ramp rate is the LED. they switch on at extremely high speeds. But...they also are not resistive and dont draw that much power. so. Scientists and Engineers are working to improve the emission side of LEDs and are making great progress. I forsee LED taking over Compact Flourescents in the near future. wer

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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