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Petito Principi asked Is there a differentiation among an Instrument & Control Engineer, Instrument Engineer and a Control Engineer?

If there is, can you kindly differentiate or elaborate their Basic Functions and Line of work. Thanks.

And got the following answer:

A control engineer would deal with the designs and analyses of control systems, not necessarily for factorys, only, but for all kinds of control systems. These would include launch vehicles, gimbals, automotive, other transportation systems, avionics, and many more. An I&E engineer deals mostly with industrial plant design, construction, and operation. In a factory, PLC (programmable logic controllers) are widely used, so the I&E man must know 'relay logic'. He must also know all about various instruments for sensing the processes of the factory (switches, pressure, temperature, flow, speed, humidity). He must also know about how to control valves, motors, and actuators. .

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