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Jvalin asked What is the construction and working of any of the following?????

a) Ceiling Fan b) Vertical Water Pump c) Air Conditioner d) Electric Iron e) Stabilizer f ) Cell Phone g) Inverter h) Microwave I really need help. Thanks in Advance I need help on any one.... one that you know or you can find info easily.

And got the following answer:

a) Electric motor turns fan blades. The angled fan blades accelerate air away from the fan b) An electric motor turns a compressor (usually centripetal) to create pressure and force the water through the pipe. c) Work is done on a coolant by a compressor. The coolant's temperature increases as a result of the increased pressure. The coolant passes through an outdoor heat exchanger where the heat is taken away by moving air. The coolant, still under pressure, is then taken back inside where it is allowed to expand in the air conditioning units condenser coils. As it expands, its temperature falls and heat is transfered to it by the air being moved over the coils. The process is then repeated. d) Heat is produced by electric current flowing through high resistance wires behind the iron's metal face. e) what kind of stabilizer are you talking about? f) The cell phone has a radio transmitter and receiver. As you travel, the phone's transmitter and receiver pass through a grid of cell phone towers which pick up your phone's transmission and send out the responses from whoever you are talking to. g) what kind of inverter? h) A microwave utilizes a magnetron. The magnetron produces microwaves. These microwaves have a wavelength and frequency that matches the resonant frequency of the water molecules in the food you wish to heat. The heat of the food increases as a result of the increased kinetic energy of its particles.

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