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John Yafef asked 5 gallon kegerator available?

im looking for an in-between for the typical 1/2 keg kegerators and the 5 Liter mini keg Kegerators Preferably a 5 gallon kegerator. does anyone know of such a thing? and if not, i could settle with anything betwen 5 and 9.2 gallon keg sized kegerators, but nothing bigger or smaller... Thanks!!! please dont refer me to amazon or ebay without it being a link for a specific kegerator that matches my criteria, thanks!

And got the following answer:

Build one, its cheaper. You can use a minifridge or a small freezer bought on craigslist. For a minifridge: If you use a freezer its pretty much the same but you have to buy a tower for your tap handles (or just open the top every time you want beer) and a temperature controller. The following is my favorite because its cheap and doesn't require wiring in a power chord:

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