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grand_lad asked How do I install decking lights?

I have a 10mx10m desk and I'm looking to install 20 to 30 lights round the edge.I have a 240v outdoor socket too. Need help with install and where is a good place to buy LED decking lights from?

And got the following answer:

I would recommend getting as professional to install the lights for you.The best place to get the lights would be either an Electrical Wholesale outlet or a lighting shop. If you intend to do the job yourself then I would say that you will need to connect the lights into joint/junction connection boxes that are waterproof and grouping maybe 4 or 5 lights to eash box. Run your power cable to loop from one box to the next all the way to the end and also back to the power source. Remember to use a cable suitable for the typical weather conditions and coldest temperatures you get in your area. You could also install a waterproof switch somewhere on the power cable between the outdoor socket and the first junction box for ease of control of the lights. You also need to make sure that all materials and work complies with the Electrical Regulations for your area as well because if the work doesnt and somebody gets an electric shock you would be liable as a result.

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