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John asked Manual transmission in a 1971 Mercury Cougar?

I just bought a '71 Cougar for $2200. It has the 350 Cleveland motor with a 4-barrel on top. I did some work to it; cams, exhaust, intake, added another 4-barrel and linked them via prog. linkage. Now...I want to make it a manual. I did A LOT of looking online and haven't come up with anything yet. I have a lot of mechanical knowledge motor wise...but I'm almost clueless with transmissions. I am hoping that I can find a ford 5-speed to bolt up to the motor, but I haven't found any information on that yet. Anyone out there have any information or help for me? I would really like a 5-speed, but a 4- or 6-speed will be alright. Thank you all!

And got the following answer:

They do make adapter kit's for the T5.. [PDF] T8-T5 Adaptor Kit Australia - Lumen Bulbs Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View LUMF-T85-14NW. LUMF-T85-14DL. LUMF-T85-28NW. LUMF-T85-28DL. LUMF-T85-35NW. LUMF-T85-35DL. SPECIFICATIONS: INSTALLATION ... Chungxin Industrial(HongKong)Co.Ltd Energy Saving Adapter · Chinese energy-show to Choose the Right Ligh... 36W RGB LED flood light · High Power Led Street Light 70W · Outdoor Solar Led ... 351 Cleveland with T5 - Vintage Mustang Forums 16 posts - 8 authors - Dec 11, 2011 By using a $20 adapter, your release lever attaches to the T5 bell. ... 5.0's running around with more hp and torque of a stock cleveland with t5. Ford Intermediate T5 Conversion: Part 1's a T5 shifter popping up conveniently through the OE floor pan cutout ... who claim T5's have been tenacious and reliable behind their Cleveland powered Fords. ... California Pony Cars' T5 Spacer Adapter Plate (pictured at right) which is ...

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