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Waz asked How to promote LED light fixtures in a way to promote marketing in business? Help my research paper...?

I'm writing a research paper for my Marketing subject and the given topic to follow is LED (light fixtures) marketing. I have to write it by assuming myself as a new Marketing Manager of the company. I need some ideas in how LED (light fixtures) market can be promoted to improve business of the company. This is my assignment and will assist me in getting extra credit for the next level. Thanks guys. Say all you can say.

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Interesting question for me because I am about to launch a Wholesale LED Shop on-line for the Australian market. I did a significant amount of research about reasons people buy LED Lighting. There is a huge range of product out there at enormously varing prices and so I also investigated the essential components of good quality LED Lighting and discovered that (probably obviously) there are a whole range of factors which determine the real quality of LED lighting. Ive been a designer, inventor and builder for over 30 years. I am very concerned about the environmental mess we humans are making everywhere. We all need to be concerned and just one of those concerns needs to be the amount of fossil fuels we consume. Another serious issue is the increasing cost of electricity to all of us. It's a no-brainer - Replacing existing incandescent and fluorescent lighting with High Quality LED lighting is an immediately effective solution to both significantly reducing electricity consumption (helping the planet) and saving money on your electricity bill. Price drives a lot of purchases however, the discerning buyer will look beyond price and make selections based on a broader range of considerations such as design and overall quality. HAN LED lite manufactured in Malaysia are absolutely fanatical about quality and use use only the worlds top LED components which combined with their innovations have produced one of the best ranges of LED lighting. They produce a range of high quality LED lighting from bulbs to down lights, factory high bay lights and street lights. I want to offer high quality LED Lighting at wholesales prices to everyone and part of that service is to create a space where people can find out more information and have their questions answered.

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