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asked How to wire a set of led lights to daily timer?

I want to make a artificial moon for my fish tank out of led lights. I want the lights to turn on when my day lights turn off and also am hoping to have the lights have a dimming cycle to simulate the cycle of the moon. I am wondering what is the easiest way to make a circuit with 5-10 LEDs that will turn on once a day and stay on for a few hours and also have the lights incrementally dim each night until dark then brighten each night over the course of two months.

And got the following answer:

If this is all done out of the tank it will be easier. Is that the case? A simple solution is to get the LED lights in the form of the kind that go on christmas trees. Then use the inexpensive style of light timers that you plug into an outlet and select a start and end time for the lights to be on. In terms of dimming incrementally, you could use three or four separate strands of lights and set the timers for each to come on at different times, but you would have to adjust for seasonal effect manually on the timers. If you can't get strings of lights small enough to get what you are looking for in the increments, most strings no longer require bulbs in the sockets to light the others, so you could have as few as you want lit up by each timer. If you bought 4 timers and 4 strings of lights you could probably get the effect you are looking for. Anything fancier and I think you would want a basic theater control style board for your computer to program the lighting.

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