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Forgesu2 asked What would be the best LED Christmas Lights?

I'm looking at getting some LED Christmas lights this year but I'm afraid of almost all the LED lights work on 60hz. Now the problem is that I have a niece that is autistic and is prone to seizures and I don't know what causes it so I don't want her looking at the tree and having problems so is there any way to increase the hz or can you suggest a set. Thanks!

And got the following answer:

60 Hz is the frequency of the electricity that powers just about everything in North America. Many common light sources in the USA flicker to some degree at 60 Hz. All fluorescent lights do. So does your TV set. It is nothing to worry about. The much slower blinking rate of Christmas lights could theoretically induce seizures in sensitive individuals, but LED light sets have controllers that can be adjusted so that the lights blink very slowly, or even remain constantly lit.

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