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ATOY asked How can i power (10x) 12volt led light strips all together?

i made these bright led light strips for my garage, now im trying to figure out what type of power source to use to power them all together , please help, but only 1x 12v dc adapter can power only 1 led light strip, what can i do to light them all togetherl at once cause i dont want to use 10x 12v dc adapters

And got the following answer:

Hua? What are you saying Thom? A single DC adapter won't be able to power 10 of these light strips you've made. Without knowing the details of their construction nobody in the world can tell you how to wire them unless they just take a wild guess. Here's some things you might consider - but keep in mind that it depends on the electronics you have driving your lights: Take one regular 12 volt bulb. You can power it with 12 volts. But if you take two 12 volt bulbs and wire them in series (I hope you understand the difference between series and parallel). The bulbs will both work off the 12 volts but they will each be half as bright (theoretically speaking). If you put 10 of them together in series you can light all of them from 120 volts. Christmas tree lights work on the same principal. they take multiple bulbs that are typically rated around 1.5 to 3 volts and wire them in series. Remove one from the string and the whole thing goes out. It's the same principal. But will it work on your system? I have NO IDEA! Why? Because if your electronics (the electrical circuitry that drives the LED's) depends on DC, then powering them from AC won't work. It won't because power doesn't flow THROUGH the circuit, the circuit uses the supply voltage to accomplish a task, that of lighting the LED's. I'm a Power Generation & Distribution engineer. So I know what I'm talking about. You COULD take a bunch of LED's and wire them end to end (no other electronics other than maybe a resistor). As long as they are wired properly they will all light - same as the christmas lights. But if you don't get your current right you'll either fail to light them OR you could burn them up. There's a lot more consideration into lighting than just what type of light and power source. Managing voltages and current is critical. Get it wrong and you spend a lot of money to do nothing but maybe ruin your project. That's why I say anyone here guessing as to your solution can cost you a lot of money. If you're still in school take a course in electronics. Start with the basics. For this project you should learn all you would need to know. But if you want to go further - you can take DC Theory followed by AC Theory (which is a whole other animal). The choice is yours how far you want to go. Your project? I'd suggest you put it on hold until you can look further into what is needed. But just for fun you can google "LED Tube Lights". They're very expensive but they work on exactly the same principal I spoke of - that of putting them in series. I'll bang out a quick drawing to show you the difference between series and parallel. It MIGHT spark an idea. But remember, whatever you do - the owness is on you to understand what it is you are doing. And any loss of parts or money - that's got to be your responsibility too. I'll post shortly. And here it is: Hope this helps. 'av'a g'day mate. ")

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