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drinklime asked Will night lights deter roaches? What if there is no outlet in the room?

I just moved into an old condo in Florida right by a canal... so far on average I am seeing one dead roach every few days (and one small one alive) running around. I have a really old nasty utility closet that I sprayed most of the floor edges with Raid spray. SHould I get traps? Would putting up Night Lights scare them away? What about LED night lights? If that helps for the rest of the house what about this closet with no outlets? I am scared to even start cooking food since there isnt even any food out yet since I just moved.

And got the following answer:

Lights will not deter them. They aren't there for the darkness. All homes have lights. They are home invading pests, there to feed and breed. Raid also will not do anything to prevent them. It is a kill on contact product. And it dries rather quickly and there is no residual effect. And even when used as "kill on contact" the ones that do not die will spread and now you will have increased the actual number of nesting spots. Provided that these are German Roaches, and that's what they sound like, they are EXTREMELY difficult to eliminate or even manage. They are very resilient and reproduce at an unbelievable rate of speed. Professional products that require a license are really your only plausible option. Sanitation is critical in roach control. Clean areas beneath cabinets, sinks, stoves, refrigerators, etc. as well as cupboards, pantry shelves and food storage bins. Clean up spilled foods and liquids. Avoid leaving scraps of food on unwashed dishes and countertops overnight. Keep food in tightly sealed containers, rinse cans and bottles before putting in the trash, and transfer garbage outdoors into roach-proof receptacles away from the house. Leftover pet food should not remain in the feeding dish overnight. During the day, these roaches may be found hiding, clustered behind baseboard molding, in cracks around cabinets, closets or pantries, and in and under stoves, refrigerators and dish washers. If clusters of roaches are seen during the day, the population is large. Both nymphs and adults are very active and capable of running rapidly. German cockroaches have a high need for moisture and usually travel 10 to 12 feet from their harborage for food and water in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, etc., preferring darkness. Without food or water, adults may die in two weeks, but can live a month with only water. The best way to eliminate the german roach in homes, apartments, nursing homes, hospitals and restaurants is to use a combination of Maxforce Roach Gel Bait and Gentrol.

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