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Malinda P asked Is there a way to hook up a sub-filter to a floating fountain?

I have a 400 gph floating fountain with color changing LED's in my pond. I now want to add Koi, but will need the water to stay clean for them. I'm hoping to find a way to hook a submersible filter up to a floating fountain so that I don't need an additional outlet by the pond. HELP!!!

And got the following answer:

if you can afford it use a water filter for your sink it only needs 25 lbs to allow water to pass . but if you are not financially equipped to go to that extreme keep in ming AC filters you can make a great filter system with them and they are washable . a swimming pool filter will do well instead of using sand use use charcoal pebbles . same ones used in aquariums . and should the motor go out dont freek out . the pumps in the nebulizers will work well to create a vacume . but it runs on more power . and if possible add some Black lights and wrap a clear tubing around the bulb far enough away that it wont melt . black lights dont put out allot of heat but will kill most bacteria . and aireate it well .

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