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Frank Richards asked Do people just enjoy the smell of dog urine and failing to remove it?

I started a carpet cleaning business about two years ago. My specialty is detection and removal of dog urine. You have a $15 LED black light flashlight? I use a shop light with two 48" 40 florescent tubes, easily 10x the light output. We find what others miss. We probe carpet with a moisture meter. The salts in urine tend to remain moist and absorb humidity. Let's say you're carpet is 18% moisture. I probe around and all of the sudden, I git 20-21%. I guarantee there is urine there. Maybe the blacklight can't see it, but you can smell it. If I pull back the carpet, you will see contaminated pad. What happens is somebody did a good job cleaning the surface. If the carpet is the cheap stuff, olefin or polyester, it will not stain. If it is nylon, the good stuff, it always stains under black light, even after cleaning, the dye has been altered in the yarn. I know how to determine false positives and hidden positives others overlook. Then I use a carpet extractor that runs on 3 circuits. I run one circuit in your home and two off a generator. If I use heat, I need 5 circuits. Technically, I use what the industry calls an "electric truckmount". Unlike those running off a tractor motor, I'm running off a generator that is smaller, quieter and less polluting. You want to know how powerful it is? A former tech put it against his belly, he was bleeding, a lot. It will rip your flesh. That's powerful. I use a device that sucks water from the carpet and pad below. I can flush urine stains with 5+ gallons of water, yet the sub-floor is dry. I recover 99% of the water I put down. I can pour buckets on a stain, yet the carpet will be dryer than if you used your home machine or a Rug Dr. I am the real deal. I have over $7,000 worth of equipment to do this work. When I clean, I use products you can't buy. They can't be sold to consumers because they do not have child proof caps. Two of the products I use go for $80 per gallon. One goes for $30. The one I use a lot of only $10 per gallon, but in the typical house I use 2 gallons. My material costs for doing the typical home is about $60. I will be there treating stains for 3-4 hours. When I am done, there will be no urine. I do 1-2 houses per week and am highly successful. I get about 25 hits a week on Google Adwords. It costs me on average $25 in advertising to get a client. So I have to charge you $250 to do this work. I'm only making about $75. So many say that is too much. They want me to do a fast, cheap superficial job like a franchise or hack will. 3 rooms? $99. I do a lot of hack jobs. It doesn't remove urine. I use a deodorant in my rinse so I don't choke on the steam. The odor will return in a few hours. So I do a splash 'n dash and they are upset the urine isn't gone. For $99 I'm in and out in an hour. My material costs are about $1. You get what you pay for. The people who pay for the proper treatment are always blown away by what I do. The bargain hunting $99 suckers will hire another splash 'n dash company within 6 months or a $99 toy with a poor outcome and do it themselves. Why is it so hard to spend more than $100 even for middle class homeowners and I'm forced to give you a splash 'n dash when I really could solve your problem, you are just unwilling to spend money?

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The dry foam cleaning on carpets is done by the dry foam machine. Even though the name implies it, it does not involve complete dryness as it does have low moisture that is 90% air and 10% liquid. The dry foam machine consists of a pressure tank in which a solution of water and shampoo is added. Vacuum cleaners use air pumps to create partial vacuums to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors and carpets. Filtering systems or cyclones collect dirt for later disposal. Models include upright (dirty-air and clean-air), canister and backpack, wet-dry and pneumatic, and other varieties. Robotic vacuum cleaners have recently become viable as well.Carpet rods, rattan rugbeaters, and carpet-beating machines for beating out dust, and also brooms, brushes, dustpans, and shaking and hanging were all carpet-cleaning methods of the 19th century; brooms particularly carry risks of wear. Steam Cleaning increases the lifespan of your carpet.

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