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Marilyn's Sister asked Whats the best editing software I can get for my pc so I can edit my movies for youtube?

I like making films but my pc wont talk to my editing software it says it doent recognise the file? Or it says its corrupted? what do I need to do? I have windows movie maker but it wont play anything. I can only download from my camera/video and it goes to photoshop and I have to move stuff around? Then I can only play movies on my quicktime player? And I cant play movies sent to me via email, but I can c pictures when its photos?

And got the following answer:

1) Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro is the most popular video editing program for professional video editors, as well as consumers who want to do as much as they can with their video. Final Cut Pro HD works only on Power Macintosh computers. The program allows users to edit high definition video easily and allows for very detailed color and audio correction. 2) Adobe Premiere Adobe Premiere allows users to create and edit professional quality video on a PC or Mac (depending on the version you purchase). The program has over 100 different title templates built in and is designed to work well alongside Adobes other products such as Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and GoLive. DVDs can be created directly from the projects timeline using Apples DVD Studio Pro. 3) Avid Express Avid along with Final Cut Pro are the worlds most respected non-linear video editing programs. Avid Express is the only software only video editing program sold by Avid and allows consumers to create truly professionally quality video at home. Professional videographers will find all the features they need in this program with a variety of different video and audio correction tools and effects. The color correction tool in Avid express is taken from Avids professional Symphony system. 4) Sony Vegas Movie Studio This video editing program by Sony allows you to take your home videos to the next level by adding titles and transitions as well as music to your recorded video. Vegas does not have nearly as many features as a professional video editing program but can be great for people who want to do a little more with their video. Unlimited video tracks allow you to put different shots together seamlessly. Several video transitions come built in, with additional transitions in an optional plug-in. 5) Pinnacle Studio Pinnacle is a fairly easy to use program that features drag and drop editing and is designed for consumers who want to edit their home video. Pinnacle comes with over a hundred scene transitions built in as well as a good number of title effects as well. You can do some basic corrections to your video and add background music. ******* You want so many video editing features for free ? Well, it may be possible as here are some good options for editing that don't cost a dime. But before you read this list, check the CDs that shipped with your handycam - most camera manufacturers like Sony, Canon and Panasonic generally provide a decent video editing software with the camera. OK, back to the list of free video editing software: Windows Movie Maker - The best video editing tool for Windows that's absolutely free and chances are you already have it installed on your computer as part of XP SP2. Microsoft Movie Maker has all the basic video editing tools plus a good collection of transitions and video effects. There's an in-built movie titler that lets add you styles to text titles including ticker taps, zoom and even the scroll effect. And if you are feeling lazy, just hit the AutoMovie command to have the entire video produced for you with intervention. Avid Free DV - Avid Free DV, poor cousin of Avid Xpress Pro, has all the basic video and audio editing features and allow you to put video in two tracks simultaneously. They have an extensive collection of tutorials online to help you get started quickly. Support both Mac OS and Windows XP platform. Infact, you can even play with keyframes for generating custom moves and transitions. Ships with the Avid Title tool. JahShaka - An open source video editing software that is currently in Alpha stage but has features found only in expensive video editing software suites. Works on Mac, Linux and Windows. The interface might take some time for you to get started otherwise the software is definitely the most powerful one out there. And the price is just right. $0. Also does 3D effects which you won't find in other free video editors. - Jumpcut is a web based video editing software and now it's even part of the Yahoo! family. You upload a video or small clips just like importing inside a desktop software. There are dozens of transitions and special effects. You can import photographs from your Flickr or Facebook account to mix them with the videos. The jumpcut editor is intuitive enough and there is good title support as well. And your movies are published online automatically. Perfect for quick vlogging and video podcasting. Finally... While the above video editing software should satisfy the needs of most home movie makers, you can probably consider Adobe Premiere Elements or even Muvee AutoProducer for more features and better control over the final output. They have trial version to help you try out the software before actually buying it.

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