The cheapest pilot led lights

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rss_beatty asked What simple steps are you doing to cut down on your electric bill?

At my house, for example. I use Spot Led lights that are powered by 2032 coin cell batteries, instead of high wattage bulbs. I utilise solar battery chargers for mp3 player, palm pilots, cell phones. I use a car charger for my car battery. Just by learning how to balence the fluid, I can refurb the battery with out harming the enviorment. Or turning the battery in and pay the disposal fee. I have also put all of my "instant on" tv's, vcrs, and all electronics on on surge suppressors and turn the off switch to 0, when not in use. I'm posting this to get newer ideas from other people, and maybe inspire them to use what i use. No politics here, just "What are you doing to cut down on your electric bill?

And got the following answer:

Get TAP Attic Insulation, Google, you will find it to be self explanatory. Excellent product, so happy I chose this particular brand. I have yet to turn on my air, because it makes that much of a difference. They give you a certificate that can be filed with your taxes, which allows a tax credit, dollar for dollar at 10% off of the total cost. Get 1-2 Oscillating Stand up Fans. If you face them towards a window, it will suck hot air out of the room and create a draft, on a hot day. Google, Power Saver 1200, my electric bill has been reduced $17 for the last two months. If you close one window and open another, it increases air velocity with a fan that is turned inward towards the room. Ceiling fans are great to have in the mix. Take a cool shower, or cool bath. If you have a washer and dryer, dry larger loads. Open windows at night, if not humid outside. The night air will cool your residence down, by morning. As earlier mentioned, flourescent lights make a notiecable difference. Again, under the current tax system, if you install a ceiling fan and keep the receipt and keep your receipt for the flourescent lights, it too qualifies towards a tax credit no more than $500.00 reported to the Fed. Now this is an old, old grandma technique, but it still works. If you have a table fan, put ice in a large bowl and set it in front of the fan on the highest setting. The air will blow cooler. As the ice melts you will get a cool mist blown in your directon. Try it. Last but not least, be sure you know how to read your electric bill, if you have a question call the electric company and schedule someone to come out and read your meter. Then have them show you. This way you know how to hold them accountable and better understand how you are spending your money for electrcity. My bill is $60-to$82 without the use of an air conditioner. When you turn on your computer, I hope this helps. lol.

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