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Andrew asked What type of drill press do i need to drill bowling balls?

Looking for find a drill press to drill bowling equipment. All the official ones are very expensive, looking for a more generic one at a hardware store for cheaper, any suggestions?

And got the following answer:

this is so funny----simply because my husband(late almost 20yrs) spent hours and hours plugging with bondo ball after ball and he used the handy dandy household drill with a very large drill bit he even went to the trouble of mounting it somehow so all he had to do was place the ball in the right place and press the drill down unfortunately, my son also tells me that the people at the bowling alley would get a big kick out of his ball going down the alley only to have most of the bondo break off don't go the cheap route, if you want to do the job right get good equipment, besides the smell is outrageous

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