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monkeyman21 asked How to get LED or RGB lights to dance to music?

I just need an idea of what RGB or LED strip to purchase and any other equipment that I would need in order to make these lights dance to my music or if anyone has done this before. Thank you.

And got the following answer:

Why not choose RGB LED flood light!LED flood light light emit light in all direction in the forms of the octahedron breadth,so its light is particularly suitable for decorating and lighting the larger space,moreover,the highly integrate COB is adopted as the source of the LED flood light so that ensure the highly brightness,RGB LED flood light is not only has the advantage of the LED floodlight,but it can emit the different red、green and blue (RGB)light to decorate and highlight the environment. I am working as the lighting designer and our city are accustomed to coorperating with the Chinese LED lighting manufacturer specializing in offering the affordable and qualify LED flood light and LED street light and LED tunnel light that are mounted and decorated in our square、park、station、airport、 roads、tunnels and so on ,maybe you can find your preferable LED light in their humanity and green web,wish my experience can help you!

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