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Mike asked Home Depot has a sale ending today on a Ridgid drill?

They are selling a couple year old model Ridgid drill R86006. The new model is the R86007. The old model which is being sold is on sale for $99 on their website. Is it worth buying even though it's older? It has two lithium ion batteries it looks like, and a fast charger.

And got the following answer:

People,People - when is everyone going to learn. You buy cheap tools - you get cheap tools. Rigid is now an import tool, yes made in Japan,Taiwan,China which does make some good tools. Look at the chuck on the drill - does it have plastic on it - Yes! Can the brushes or motor be replaced or repaired - No ! So if the drill goes bad - can you buy just the drill - No ! A good DeWalt cordless drill XRP , has a $45 chuck on it, all metal. It has a heavy duty switch designed for the 18volt drill $45. It has hardened steel gearing and a transmission that delivers maximum torque out of the 18volt motor.The brushes can be replaced, It has a one year warranty on the drill and 2 years on the batteries. The 5 yr warranty some tools are shouting about -only covers factory defects! Factory defects. If you want a good deal - buy something that has quality in it. A good deal is not based on a cheap price. Do you really think a good drill, 2 batteries,charger and a case can be sold for $99 ??? Ridgid is making money off of this drill kit, Home Depot is making money on it. So it probably has less than $70 worth of stuff in the entire kit. It's not meant to be repaired. If you buy it - keep your receipt very handy because you are gonna need it for returns. And Home Depot is gonna tell you to send it to the warranty center if something goes wrong - they are not going to just hand you a new one. And in 6 months - that model will no longer be stocked at Home Depot. Then you will really be upset. And the new Rockwell tools - are not the old Rockwell name you used to use. They also are being massed produced and flooding the home owner tool market. Just remember I warned you.

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