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Nathan asked Compatible cordless tool kit and yard tools?

I'd like to buy a cordless tool kit and a cordless weed trimmer: is there a battery pack that is compatible?

And got the following answer:

Ryobi Has a line trimmer that uses one of its universal 18 volt "One" batteries. Just keep in mind that Ryobi is a consumer, mass-market brand. For home use they are not bad but they are far from commercial grade. The batteries are solid and the NiCads last 3-5 years as expected, I have not tried the LiPos. And when your tools break, don't waist your time on a repair, as cheap as the individual tools are, consider them disposable. I have had a $300 Porter Cable, and a Dewalt that was part of a $500 kit. The batteries lasted about, 3-5 years and cost more than a Ryobi battery/Charger and drill. The biggest difference is the drill and the battery are toast with the Ryobi. Home Depot carries Ryobi. Not sure this is the rout I'd go, but for a small lawn it should be fine.

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