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question legend asked How much would a solar energy panel cost to install in a 3 bedroom house (roughly)?

I would like solar electricity opposed to solar hot water and was wondering if any of you knew how much it would likely cost

And got the following answer:

Since you're asking about price, I'm assuming you're interested in saving money. Just so you know, your best payback is investing in conservation measures, like insulation, efficient lighting, and efficient appliances The next best payback is solar hot water. And now, about the solar electricity: The vast majority of modern solar electric (photovoltaic) systems do not use batteries. They tie to the electric grid, driving the meter backwards during the day, and letting the meter run forwards at night. At least, conceptually, that's how it's supposed to work. How much a system costs really depends on how much electricity the house uses, and what fraction of it you want to replace with solar (it doesn't have to be 100%). At the low end, a solar install will be maybe $15,000, and the largest common system will be in the ballpark of $50,000. That's before state and federal rebates, which return as much as 2/3 of the cost in some areas. Our house is 1800 square feet, in a mild climate with no A/C, no electric heat, no electric stove, no pool. A 3 kW array supplies substantially 100% of our electricity, and cost $12,000 net after rebates.

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