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Will asked What is a decent portable generator for camping?

I am looking for basically a miniature generator, something that I could charge up at an outlet, then go camping and have a bit of power to, say, run a netbook for a little while. Nothing over the top, just a little extra convenience. I looked at solar generators, I didn't find much that was overly reliable in that direction, but I would love to hear your opinion on a good version of that as well. Thanks, ~~~Will

And got the following answer:

For small wattage applications such as a netbook, you have a few options for energy: 1] Purchase a larger or multiple battery packs for the computer; 2] Purchase a solar-powered recharger; 3] Purchase a car-dependent inverter to generate electricity from the cigarette lighter; 4] Directly tap the larger storage battery in the automobile for energy. I have seen backpackers using a small, portable Powerenz solar system and heard favorable reviews from them. However, the cheapest system is currently out-of-stock, according to the web-site. Contact Powerenz and find-out when production is going to be caught-up with demand or see if a distributor has remaining inventory. If you have $2,000 to spend on a portable power system, Powernz 150 is your solution. E-mail: Powerenz 1339 Marietta Country Club Drive NW Kennesaw, Georgia 30152 More solar systems: PowerEnz LFP40 Sling Pack is a nice portable solution but the markup is quite high. For a comparable setup, here is a list of items and pricing (retail web): Bag Solar Charge Controller 300W Inverter Battery Charger 10A - 12.8V 60W Folding Panel Battery 12V 40AH Morningstar Remote Temperature Sensor Check on Harbor Frieght: "Harbor frieght sells a 45 watt set of panels for $249 regularly, $199 sometimes but most recently for about $149. I put them on my motor home roof to charge an extra battery for my laptop and TV. So: panels, controller and new deep cycle battery cost me about $250 and a little of my time to mount it up there and wire it in. " You need to add a lead acid battery and inverter. Look at Chicago Electric solar panel systems. Addendum: I just found references to Brunton, 12-watt, flexible solar panels, $322 retail, for recharging small electronic devices with a cigarette-lighter adapter. Sears lists a Brunton, 17-watt, foldable solar panel, $432.

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