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J Dog asked I'm have a DIY solar panel and wanted to use micro inverters?

I made three 36 solar cell (3x6 .5V 3.5A) panel and had it hooked a up to an old car inverter. I was on line looking for a cheap grid tied inverter. I came across the Enphase micro inverter and was wondering if i could use one of those. Will it work?

And got the following answer:

I like your optimism about solar power but unfortunately the utility company does not share your enthusiasm. Installing a grid tie inverter implies that you wish to connect this solar array to your home AC electrical system and that is not allowed without prior certification. A reversible electric meter will also be needed if you want to connect the grid tie inverter directly to your home. On its own, the grid tie inverter will produce an unstable amount of power since the solar panels only collect power in 50% or greater sun exposure. If you had a light bulb connected to the inverter, you would see it light up and go off as clouds pass by your home built solar array. The great news is that you can enjoy the benefits of solar power by adding the following parts to your existing solar array: 1) MPPT Solar Controller to recharge an automotive battery - 2) A Gel Cel or automotive battery to hold the solar power. Once you have those parts connected, you can run an extension cord to your security lights to power them at night with the solar power you have collected during the day. Later, you can expand your solar array and power numerous appliances like a refrigerator in your garage or even a freezer. I have been using solar power for several months now and deeply enjoy the ability to create renewable energy. I wish you luck with your efforts as well!

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