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SweetiePie26 asked Window bird feeder for humidity sensor protection?

So I ordered an Ambient Weather WS1171 (temperature and humidity sensor) and then was informed that I could not screw this into our house. So I have been trying to think of alternative ways to get mostly accurate readings. Attaching it to a pole or fence is not an option. I have thought that perhaps I could attach a window bird feeder to a north facing window and place the sensor inside. Thus I could both reach the sensor to replace the batteries easily and also feed the house finches that lodge in the tree next door. Any thoughts on whether this would work sufficiently for my purposes? Many thanks in advance!

And got the following answer:

If you want to read temperature and moisture as the professionals do, you should have the sensors two meters over the ground, protected from direct sunlight but open to the wind in all directions. You should also be careful not to place it close to a wall or other construction that may reflect heat. The north side of your house would be a good place (unless you live in the southern hemisphere!) but I have no idea how a bird feeder looks like. It surely has a roof of a kind but is it open to the wind from all directions? I am not sure how the vicinity of the finches would work on the readings, either. Maybe you could make a larger box and the bird feeder under it ... good luck with your project.

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